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Proficiency in English is an absolute must in today’s era. It is the official language of 53 countries and the second most common language in the world.

Now learn English in the most simple of ways. Learn it like you learn your mother tongue. Observe, listen, absorb, improve. No long, and boring grammar sessions. Just plain language.

Our sessions focus on making you learn English in a natural, progressive manner. Start with getting used to the language, and then experiment with words and sentences.

Learn English. Not boring grammar!

With top-notch certifications from various well-known Universities, including GRADE A scores in tests like the CPE you can be assured of training that is unparalleled.

Our Spoken English course is designed to improve the fluency of High school students, ITI students, Diploma holders, Insurance agents, Housewives & many others. Simplified grammar with basic vocabulary focusing on conversational skills is practiced to perfection.

Key Features

  • Best speech recognition software to check student performance on Syllables, Phonemes, Word Stress, Fluency.
  • Student-Centered Learning
  • Unique Assessment to Measure Your Performance
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Score Reports to know your strengths & weaknesses

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    Method of Training
    Our training method is divided into two levels; Preparation level and Assessment Level.

    Preparation Level
    This session contains specialized training at the foundation level, with emphasis on providing a sound base in grammar, Basic English as well as effective communication. Orientation is given to students so that they can speak with confidence.

    Intensive Level
    In this level, enormous opportunities and chances are created for discussion, debates, and personal interaction to improve their language proficiency along with interview training. Students get absolute confidence in public speaking on completion of their course.
    Students can avail this course until they feel confident about their English language fluency.

    Our English Language Training is a general English course that caters to the general skill development for learners. Fill the above form for more details.